“The whole world changed overnight. Years of unimaginable riches and technological advancements – all compromised the moment the fleet took off. Damn bastards left us here to rot.”

– Annie’s Log, Entry 27

Hi and welcome to our blog! We are Mindhaven Games, a group of storytellers who are working hard to bring an adventurous puzzle game into life. In this blog, we will be telling about everything related to our game, Sky Beneath, from small stories and teasers about its lore to screenshots, gameplay videos, and our development process.

Sky Beneath is a game where the player gets to take control of the gravity, manipulating it to walk on walls and ceilings, move objects around in the environment and solve complex puzzles. It’s situated on a planet in dissonance, where a group of opportunist scavengers is trying to make their way after the co-operation between humans and an alien race has gone terribly wrong.

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